Green hair bonnet

100% Cotton Kente Print  Aunthentic African fabric straight fom the mother land

It Can be worn with western or traditional clothing

Everyday Exotic African wear

Satin Lining  hair bonnets are a staple for protecting your hair at night—especially if you're trying to preserve your natural hairstyle or your curls. ... With a soft, lightweight Satin breathable gentle on your hair it is designed to help retain moisture in your hair and eliminate frizz


the benefit of satin lining is that it helps reduce friction and hair damage while you're tossing and turning in your sleep. And a bonus? If you apply products to your hair before bed—like, say, coconut oil—this accessory will ensure that you don't ruin your new linen sheets, not to mention, your blowout. This list of the best (and most stylish) satin hair bonnets offers seven ways to lounge in luxury.